Now, y’all know I’m not plus-size, right?!…Great, I needed to clear that ‘air’

It’s not funny how some of my plus-sized friends who are Moms have to stay back when family members are going for a swim…Not cool! As much as they want to join in the fun, getting a properly-fitted swim suit is a big deal.

Well, browsing through the internet, I found some really hot swim wears for us you guys…

Identify Your Body Type

You can see how well this swim suit covers very nicely, still giving a super sexy look.  


I just love this one! Gives a good bust support, as well as emphasizes the curves.

Find The Right Pattern

Choosing patterned swimsuits can be a bit tricky, because, it could make or mar your look!

Style Up Your Swimsuit

This could go nicely with a sarong…

Cinch Your Midsection

This type of swim suit will do well in controlling the mid-section

Where To Shop Plus Size Swimsuits

Hmmm…quite racy!

Photo credits: ESSENCE

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab yours now!


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