Photo credit: PUNCH

Wonders will never stop ceasing!

This world is definitely coming to an end!

According to PUNCH, a 35 year old Andrew Ekanem, has been arrested for raping his neighbour’s 14 year old daughter, who has tuberculosis.

The 14 year old had been undergoing a six month treatment for tuberculosis when she was raped. The rapist cornered her when she went to ease herself around 2am.

Examination of the victim in a hospital, revealed that the girl was penetrated in the vagina, as well as the anus, leaving her bruised up.

*Imagine what one of the neighbours, a carpenter, Tunde Hassan uttered with his mouth…

“Up till now, I cannot comprehend what happened. The man was a gentle man and he never fought or made trouble with anybody.

“But at the same time, people should learn to forgive when things like this happen, because you never can tell. Somebody that was bad to you today can be good to you tomorrow.”

*Parents should be more watchful on their wards especially when you know you live in a funny place. If possible, at such ungodly hours, escort your kids wherever they need to go! It could have been worse if it was a ritualist involved!*

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