Photo credit: PM News

There is a new twist to the divorce drama between a married bank manager of a new generation bank, Mrs Blessing Ifeanyi-Okpoko and her husband, Ifeanyi Kenneth Okpoko after the husband alleged that Blessing fled her matrimonial home after he discovered her secret marriage to another banker, Kelvin Ugwuoke in Dubai.

An embittered Ifeanyi said, Blessing and Ugwuoke who is the risk manager at a new generation on Lagos Island, secretly went to Dubai with few friends and formalised their marriage union before returning to Nigeria.


Photo credit: PM News

He lamented that while Blessing was still in his house she got married to someone else. He stated that when the information of her wedding got to him with photographs, he confronted her with his evidence but was shell shocked that she was not sober.

This prompted Blessing to move out of Ifeanyi’s house at Ajao estate to Lekki area where Ugwuoke reportedly has a property.

*But guys, check it nah…Lekki versus Ajao…which one smells of better money?!  This story sha, is not complete. No Nigerian woman will be in a real matrimonial home and then get married to another…it is either her estranged husband is not legally married to her or there is really nothing binding them. In this time and age, traditional marriage alone is not enough!* Maybe Kelvin is one of those guys that leave engagement ring permanently on the finger! 

Culled from PM NEWS


  1. Contrary to your belief, traditional marriage is a valid and recognised union. The only thing is that unlike the English /Registry marriage, you can marry more than one wife but sorry, not more than one husband. The woman sef na reeal Oliver…Oliver…Oliver…Oliver


  2. Haba, is it not too early to judge in favour of the woman? This one na plain partia ooo… So money is now criteria for marriage? Bigger or more money shouldn’t be a reason at all for a partner to discard an already existing relationship, but that seems to have become todays trend. Hmmmm…


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