Photo credit: Leel Style

Choi! I’m feeling you sister – the pain, anger, frustration, the ultimate betrayal!

He hasn’t said he’s breaking up with you and at the same time, he hasn’t said he’s going to settle down with you…highly irritating situation! Sometimes, you can’t help but look at the engagement ring (that is if he even gave you one) with contempt. It feels like an ordinary metal with no significance, abi?!

You can craftily do the following investigations without been too obvious:

  1. Find out what his 5 year – plan is, in a conversational way and hear and listen to what he has to say. Don’t look like you are interrogating him, act like you are genuinely interested in his future…as if?!
  2. Ask about what exactly he admires in a woman. If he accuses you of personal interest, deny the allegations like ‘Peter denied Jesus’…Aarrgh! You have to know if you fit into the criteria rather than fool yourself that ‘You are The One’…Na so!
  3. Watch out for how many  ‘Family Outings or Functions’ he takes you to and pay particular attention to how he introduces you, or how his family members treat you!
  4. Start telling yourself the ‘Home truth’. My dear, the writing might have been on the wall for donkey years but you just failed to see it or even take time out to read it well. For example, do you have the spare key to his apartment? Does he put ‘your seeing him’ on appointment? Do you see female wears in another room and he tells you they belong to his ‘cousin’…Nne, go and cross-check that gist…you are not doing your homework well!
  5. When you see his close family and friends, be fast to introduce yourself as his fiance or wife, and watchout for their reaction! You are not doing this to cause problems, but my dear, it is for your own safety abeg! #NoTime
  6. Take a closer look at the engagement ring, it might be fake!!  #MajorScam

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