If you are just joining the ‘saga’ between the single woman and married woman for the first time, read here.

Dear spinster (Aka pissed single girl),
If you truly value marriage and plan to have yours one day then the excuse that you were lured or enticed to follow a married man is not an excuse. The fact is that you have no morals or respect for your body or even the marriage you so desire to have one day.
I am not an IG or twitter or even whatever social media platform person and do not encourage these married ladies to use it let alone pass any silly message through it to anyone be it single or married.

Marriage is not a joke so do not come to the public and put your marriage under unnecessary scrutiny. And yes like the single lady said deal with your man and stop blaming anyone.
Having said that, I see where the ladies who lamented are coming from – truth be told men will not date themselves (well, unless he swings both ways!!!) so if we women would say no to the advancement of these so called horny married men (Aka Oke mkpi) the world would be a better place. If girls would say an emphatic NO when a married guy chases her no matter the splendor he showers on her and then the next girl and then the next….. of course they would get the message. But noooo…. In fact girls are even the ones that chase after the men themselves rolling their booties and tits all around the place in nicely packaged skirts and blouses, seeking the man’s attention just because he is what you would have liked in a husband. Yes you find him attractive but he is taken and it’s your loss… please move on and find the young single guy who has the qualities the married man you admire has (though with much less money) invest in him i.e. time and encouragement and hopefully he would soon sprout and become the next best thing that you would also be proud of.

Comot eye for person own (he says his wife is lazy, she’s fat, he has invested this and that on her already) my dear don’t you already know that a man would say whatever it takes to get in your panties? Why are you being ignorant? He’s a man with a daily erection and roaming eyes. Don’t fool yourself he’s probably not chasing you alone, he just needs a corner marking!!! Don’t feel special cos he has the money enough to squander on you and 4 other girls. He’s trying his luck anyone wey gel he go take or two sef. The more the merrier, the happier his manhood. Period!!

The problem we women have which is what the IG & twitter marries ladies were trying to say (through a wrong means of course) is that women are our own worst enemy. We are bitter at other women’s success, we envy what other woman have a wish to destroy it is given a chance.

Women…… lets change our ways, be proud of your fellow woman and celebrate her, admire rather than envy her, pray for her, wish her well and guess what? Yours will come. Having said that, married women I beg you in God’s name do your best to look good. It is not a sin to look “HOT” yes I dare say it look “HOT” that is what these young girls have over you. They look hot and sexy… it’s not just looking pretty, come out looking sexy and let other men check you out as you walk by. Your stupid husband will notice and sit up. He knows and sees that you are not so desirable and even if he messes up you no dey go anywhere because market done fall press you.

I am married and have been for almost 10 years but when I walk into a room, men, boys check me out. I have been with the same man for over 14 years now and haven’t been with anyone else and don’t intend to. But I tell you I enjoy the stares I get cause even my hubby dey fear to let me waka go toilet alone… also please and please lose weight, do sit ups stop the silly excuses oh I done have time, the kids this, the kids that ,, bla bla bla… no be you first born pikin. I have got kids myself and still try to find the time to look good.

“Married woman”

Culled from Linda Ikeji

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