Photo credit: Information Ng

Elvina Ibru, daughter of billionaire business man, Michael Ibru, on ‘Walk the Talk’ show on Channels TV, advised women who have reached a certain age not to wait for any man to marry them before considering having a child.

“Don’t wait for any man to marry you if you haven’t had a child. Go and have your baby. I chose my father’s child. When I met him, after a few months I said yes, this is the one that would give me what I need. If anything happens to me, I know that my child would not suffer. This one na better person”.
Asked if her baby daddy is still with her, Elvina said “He is not with me anymore. We have been separated for four years now”.
Asked why he left, she laughed and said “He is a man”. Elvina said she’s never really been interested in marriage and doubts she will ever be. Who agrees with her?
*As much as I hate to be an advocate of pre-marital sex and baby mama dramas, I have to agree with her to an extent. Let’s be real a bit, age is not on your side, your biological clock ticking away, men not falling genuinely in love with you except for your money…c’mmon, do the ‘right’ thing! I like the idea of choosing well, at least your baby’s future will be secured sef!*

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