Alibaba and his wife

“Behind every successful man… These are not empty words. It’s not only about who the woman is. It’s about how much the woman allows you to become. What she does to help you become. How she understands you. What she tolerates. How she makes you feel… Just so you understand where I am coming from, a lady who always nags and stresses you, will choke your thoughts.(continue)
A lady who thinks you can never be anything will first kill your spirit, so even if you make it, in spite of her belief that you won’t, it would be by no help from her. You might just be challenged to make it because she is making it because you don’t want to lose your position as the provider. So, her success inspires you to achieve… You also might be driven to succeed if she celebrates you and you do not want that to stop… Soooo if Get my drift… Behind every successful man… There is a woman… Finally I say, there are many guys whose greatness was truncated not by their lack of capacity but because behind them were people who did not want them to succeed or did not help to succeed. Be guided”

I have to ask nah?! Lemme, speak for myself…my husband cannot say I am not the ‘juju’ behind his success! I don’t nag, neither do I stress him, and he can testify that I encourage him, maybe not financially but spiritually!

But come O, Uncle Alibaba, I need to correct the notion that a man’s lack of success is because of a bad woman or wife. Na lie! If a man is a failure, it’s because he chose to be a failure! Don’t be giving all those lazy men out there unnecessary and irrational reason for not being successful. If they truly have a bad wives, they should be seen as ‘Challenges’.

So all you Lazy men, get your butts up and go and work…you are the cause of your problem.

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