I have read with enthusiasm the single ladies piece, it is indeed a well thought and comprehensive observation. I agree with her totally, I mean I agree with her 100 percent. But nevertheless, i will submit my defense by doing a critical appraisal taking into cognizance the position of married men as well, focusing on married men in Africa.

I am a married man with three kids, and I have  been married for 8years now. I love and cherish my family and i will do anything to protect them from danger of any sort.

I appeal to every single ladies and also our wives in the house,not to judge us, we are not cursed neither are we covetous, I also do not feel that the problem is the general saying that men are “polygamous in nature”  No. I have examined critically this particular issue that has torn many marriages apart and I am pleased to inform you all on this forum that the problem is neither from the husband nor the single girls, but the so called wives at home that believe that after capturing a mans home, you do not owe the man any further,apart from bearing him kids.

Every thing in this life will age and you can only help by employing renewal measures . Starting from the phone we buy at computer village, we will use for sometime and it depreciates in value and also beauty, it is then advisable to take it to computer village to change its casing thereby mitigating the severe effect of wear and tear. Same applies to building structures, cars, to mention a few. There is perhaps nothing extra ordinary in what these single girls give us, the only difference is concentrated detailing. They are indeed more detailed. If your wife wakes up beside you with a frown, there is every probability that these so called singles would wake up with either a kiss, a smile or a peck, the rationale behind it I do not know, but I am talking from immense experience. Secondly, married African women are just too pugnacious. They most of the time act as if they need brain surgery,or have bombs in their heads, apologies to the married women on this blog, please do not take it personal, I am just speaking my mind from the abundance of my heart.  Thirdly, our African wives are always in a hurry and lazy in bed, but these so called “singles” are very creative and eager to satisfy their man, they create different formulas to solve our “kanjiism” they hack into our systems and make us scream for more.

The previous writer also mentioned that we spend more time with the single girls than our wives. The answer is yes. Fellow readers, please add one plus one and with an unbiased mind judge who the married man would spend more time with. We are not robots, we have blood running through our veins. Variety they say is the spice of life, in as much as no one can eat Eba in the morning, afternoon, and night, adventure during sex, and little sugar is inevitable. It must be a welcome development.

I really do not want to beat about the bush, I will want to go straight to the nitty gritty and leave you all with this question.

Question- If you women are created as men,you are off the market( married)and you meet a single Gurl that makes you dance palongo anytime you are with her, won’t  you pay? Won’t you buy Gucci? Won’t you buy human hair? Lets call a spade a spade, and start to give married men breathing space.

Thank you.
From a concerned African man

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