You may be in a relationship presently and you notice that you are generally not happy. Nothing seems to be moving forward; you are not moving forward, the relationship too is not even moving forward.  My dear, it is time to re-evaluate the role of your partner in your life!…Does he or she stay or go?!

Ideally, 6 months to 1 year into a relationship, one should be able to point to a few, if not major, positive changes in one’s life. You don’t have to wait till you get married before you notice your partner is not a good influence on your life. I have observed for some time, that some couples, instead of re-addressing or re-evaluating whether they should continue in the relationship or end it, they choose to stay another 2, 3, 4, 5 years in misery, hoping to make those changes in marriage.  At the end of the day, they are devastated and start looking for who to apportion blame to, forgetting that their loved ones may have tried to warn or advice them. 

If you are still confused about what I am trying to say, then read the following about what your relationship shouldn’t be doing. A TRUE RELATIONSHIP SHOULDN’T:

  1. Stop you from getting closer to God. Your relationship should bring you closer, should make you rely more on God for support in all things and should lead both of you to THE LIGHT. Your partner should make you thirst more for God. So, if you noticed you’ve reduced or stopped praying or getting involved in church activities, think again.
  2. Make you stop having good grades in school or prevent you from excelling in anything you do. Your partner should be an academically sound support system. So any partner telling you that studying or looking for a better grade or better job, I dunno O!
  3. Cut off your ties or relationship with your loved ones which includes family and friends. The minute you notice that you are distancing yourself from your loved ones just because you don’t want them telling you the truth, then it is time for a re-evaluation.
  4. Make you feel physically, emotionally and psychologically sick. Why should your partner or your relationship add stress to your life? Why? Instead of you to think happy thoughts about your partner or the relationship, you end up having palpitations, headaches, or sleep problems! Na you know!!
  5. Prevent you from being the best you can. Some partners can be so envious or jealous that they usually do not have good words for anything you say or do, thereby, discouraging you from being successful.

These talk also applies to married couples, who probably did not seek God’s counsel before tying  the knot.

A relationship should make you feel like this 


and not like like this 

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