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Naija for Life!

I’m sorry to say this, but it’s only in Nigeria that people do not appreciate counselors, as well as psychologists! When one suggests the idea of a marriage counselor, you will hear things like “Do you think the people counseling you don’t have marital issues?”…Is that and should that be your problem?! Certain people have been put in certain places to help others get to their destination.

Anyway, I’m sure if couples who have marital problems, employed the services of a Couselor, their marriages might have been saved. Well I decided to share this article I culled from Belief Net with you on the signs that indicate it’s time to see a Marriage counselor:

  1. FIGHTING OVER THE SAME ISSUES. You are dealing with the same issues over and over. When you are fighting constantly over responsibilities, money, and it’s disrupting the house on a regular basis, or perhaps years—start Goggling licensed therapists.
  2. WHEN THERE ARE TRUST ISSUES. If there is a huge breach of trust like infidelity, hiding an addiction, or anything that has broken down trust over the years.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNICATION. You rarely communicate or avoid each other. One goes into the bedroom and the other watches television in the living room. Over years, this can damage a relationship and end intimacy before you noticed it has taken a tool on your marriage. *This happens a lot in most marriages*
  4. RESENTMENT. Resentment over time can wreck a relationship. You said you are over it, but in your heart you resent the decision.
  5. INABILITY TO FORGIVE EACH OTHER. There is no forgiveness. Add that with bitterness, strife, and anger that is consistent can spell trouble if you can’t forgive each other.
  6. DECISION TO MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP STRONGER. You still love each other, but you want to make the relationship stronger, or rekindle your love for each other. Nip annoyances before they become a huge problem. *So you see, it is not only when the marriage has issues*
  7. WHEN YOU WANT TO OVERCOME THE FEAR OF EXPRESSING YOURSELF WITHOUT CONFLICT. Seeing a counselor will help you communicate and overcome fear of expressing yourself. We are deal with fear in bringing topics up that will evoke a bad response. A therapist can help navigate you through this.
  8. WHEN YOU WANT TO BE IN THE SAME ‘TEAM’. Are you on opposite sides constantly? If you have not been a team for some time, this is another key. Living with someone you feel is an enemy is unhealthy finding help is a good idea.

I hope after reading these signs, it provides the gateway for you to improve your marriage.

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