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Dear NHW,

Sorry to be a bother but I really need the advice of other blog readers. I just got married a few months ago to a very wonderful man that I think God must have been saving for me and we are blessed with 2 handsome boys (through CS though). The only problem is that, he doesn’t know my real genotype. He thinks I am AS. He is AA.

I am a beautiful full figured lady and you would never believe I am a sickler (Hb SS). I have never had any major crisis that would land me in hospital, talk less of having the features and all. My parents think it is a spiritual attack since I don’t have crisis or even look like one.

I have dated a lot of guys in the past but when they hear my genotype, they break up with me. I got so frustrated that I retrieved into my shell and refused to communicate with anyone. One day, God being so faithful sent me my husband. he made me smile again. On many occasions, I would love to tell him about my health condition, but something inside me will stop me. We dated for 2 years without him knowing and without me having any crisis.

I am so scared of what he would do if I told him now. I don’t want him to find out except from me. So when do you think I should tell him.

*Waat?! You mean you ‘escaped’ without getting caught. Mehn! I have a friend in that situation. She looks nothing like a sickler and boy! she is hawt! Na me dey advice am to be open about her condition to her suitors…omo! dem dey run! I might just have to ‘sell’ this your method to her…I’m sorry, I’m the wrongest person for now! *Covering face in shame* Abi, what do you guys think?! Marriage must not pass her this year God willing.

On a serious note, maybe you should tell your husband now…i wouldn’t encourage secrets.



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