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Hi my peeps! I’ve missed you guys so much even though a lot of you have ‘monitoring spirit’! I pray for you everyday that the God I serve will ‘open’ your mouths oneday!

So much has happened in the past 18 hours but you know nah, as a housewife concern, very multitasking issue came up. For those of you who have sent me mails, please be patient and bear with me…I will try and publish all of it.

If you guys who have been consistent with the blog, you would have noticed, I just introduced a new column, ‘Marriage Testimonies’. I had to do this because a lot of families have a lot to share as expressed by their mails, and I thought it will be used as a source of inspiration for people who are going through similar situations. Some have sent me mails testifying about God’s faithfulness and mercy upon their them in their marriages, saving them from death, sickness, poverty, even divorce. My mailbox is full! Nothing is in the column now, because I still have to edit. REMEMBER I HAVE A GOVERNMENT JOB! So, it’s not easy…just make sure you encourage the blog by sharing with your friends, commenting and sharing your words of wisdom. DO NOT BE MUTE, YOU WERE NOT BORN BLIND, DEAF OR DUMB…don’t visit without leaving a mark that you were here!

To make up for the lost hours, these recharge cards are for the fastest hands:

  • AIRTEL – 3390 3382 9880 3560
  • MTN 5006 0329 7622
  • ETISALAT – 2281 1783 6323 220
  • GLO – 209 165 936 081 439

So, my faithfuls, stay tuned!


  1. oh, gosh! i really missed. i hope NHW u will be doing more of dis.i have no choice but to be monitoring these recharge cards on ur blog. BTW i love ur blog!


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