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So it’s like this…

I went to a party with my hussy and generally checking things out…the scenery, the food, the people…and who do I see?…someone people linked to my past! Yikes!!

Rewind to 1994/95…

I just got out of secondary school…very fresh pure virgin girl! #highlyuntouched. I met my first boyfriend or rather he met me! I was home-bound and my mum insisted on getting me trained in being a future good wife! Anyway, I hear the doorbell and when I opened the door…I was ‘crush-struck’…”Hi, I’m a good girl, nice meeting you, bad boy!’ Apparently, he came to look for my dad who was his supervising lecturer in his field of study. And since my dad or my mum wasn’t home, we started gisting. It seemed like we had so much in common apart from his bad social habits (heavy drinker and chain smoker) but these habits contributed to his ‘sexiness’ I guess?!

Long and short, this guy had everything and everyone under his control…apart from me! he had this cousin of his who would lock chics down for him or cover his mess somewhat. I couldn’t deal, so I had to break up with him. and the ‘bobo’ fine O!

Fast forward…back to the party…do you get? Thank God I was a good girl (Imagine entering a room full of men who you at one point dated and whom you may have had sexual relations with but Thank God I never did! Pheww!)


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