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These past 2 days have been difficult ones for me.

Growing up, I thought giving birth to babies was all there was to ‘Parenting’…really I did. I simply thought all I needed to do was to push the baby out …and maybe it would start feeding itself. Having my kids have shown me otherwise…I have seen myself in all elements, in different shades of brown, red, and black (Don’t ask me what those colours indicate…actually my moods).

Kids, as cute as they are when they are babies, you can’t help but dread what they will become as they get older. My kids have managed to bring out the worst and best sides of me. Just when you think you’ve crossed their ‘Terrible Twos’ stage, wait till they get to their ‘Teens’…AAAArrrrrggggghhh! They argue about almost everything, they are very ‘good’ liars at these stage, completely obstinate until they experience that problem that you’ve tried protecting them from!

These past 2 days, they have managed to push me to a limit where I thought out loud, “Lord, I need your strength this minute’, then another second, you are thinking, “Where did I store that psychologist’s number sef!” Just this afternoon, after I left my room to buy stuff from the supermarket, I could have sworn I turned my air-conditioning(AC) unit off. Now my kids are always in the habit of invading my space! I come back shortly, and I meet some of my best shoes (obviously either of my daughters had been here) out of their shelf and my AC on! I didn’t need to ask who got my shoes out but I asked about who turned the AC on and nobody owned up!…Can you believe this? Didn’t know I was breeding liars! I gave them a few minutes to decide among themselves…and still nobody. Well, judgement had to be delivered!…they all got ‘it’. I never felt so good giving ‘it’! (Yes, I know…call me a winch but they deserved it).

For me to get my sanity back a bit, I packed a few things of mine in my mini-travel bag, and told them at the door, “You know what, you guys have succeeded in throwing me out, so I’m leaving you to your father…he needs to start dealing with you guys! I can’t cope anymore, God will understand! ¬†Immediately, they all cried me a river! I had to listen to a barrage of apologies!

Oh well…did they think I would really leave?!

One question though: How do you women with 5, 6, 7, children cope?!

Image credit: Andrea Jang

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