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I am just curious…I really need to know!

Why is it okay for men to satisfy their insatiable sexual urges and it’s not okay for women to do same?!

Seriously, think about it peeps…Each time a man goes out, he comes in with a new wife but let a woman go out and come in with a friend…a friend O! All hell will let loose!

In the past I used to think that men married several women for their different qualities such as:

  • WIFE 1 – Beauty…as in physical beauty.
  • WIFE 2 – Intellectual ability.
  • WIFE 3 – Sexual skills…*Wink* If you know what I mean!
  • WIFE 4 – Cooking skills…all sorts of dish that comes to your mind.
  • WIFE 5 – The highly spiritual one. The Prayer Warrior, who is very updated in the latest church.
  • WIFE 6 – The Fashionista.This one can never embarrass you in any outing…always on point.
  • WIFE 7 – The Money- Shaker. This one is a career woman and keeps money coming even when the man is broke. She is well respected.

So if after having all these types of wives, how will you describe a man who goes on to have WIFE NO 8, 9, 10, and so on and so forth?!

You know, I ask this question after I saw a photo of one of Nigeria’s Music Legend, King Sunny Ade’s wives …and the look so happy together…I think!

Meet King Sunny Ade's wives2

Photo credit: African Spotlight

Out of curiosity guys (Please no vex O!), why do you guys like having ‘extra’ women? This question is not only for men who have many wives, it is also for men who have ‘concubines’ or plenty girlfriends.

Please just help me satisfy my curiosity by telling me why…because this is pure greed!


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