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Sorry Guys, but this is for ma girls! I will send your own tips later joor!

Babes, I am tired of seeing you all in a non-existent relationship. Some of you are fast in reading the writing on the wall, while some of you wait until it is spelt out for you. There are basic things you need to watch out for in a relationship when you are confused about its direction: 

  • You call your boyfriend more than he calls you. Not only that sef, you spend more time on the phone talking to him than he would for you( he doesn’t do more than 1:59 mins)!
  • He never uses you as his Blackberry DP (Display Pix), not even Facebook profile pics or his phone as his standby or wall pix!
  • Your name is stored as…just your name on his phone, instead of something more romantic like the way you stored his. #JustSaying
  • Half of the time or even more than half of the time he is with you, he is receiving other phone calls, but doesn’t receive those calls in your presence.
  • You spend your whole cash making meals for him and he doesn’t think it once that he should give you money for once.
  • He is always very around when you have money to spend but as soon as he detects low levels of cash, he is as scarce as the money forming busy!
  • He is always excited telling you about his future plans, but I don’t see ‘you’ in them.
  • He never compliments you but there is always something wrong in the way you look, what you say or how you do what you do.
  • He doesn’t want to meet your family or close friends. He picks you up for lunch or dinner miles away from home.
  • He is always about what you can do for him and not what he can do for you.

But the fact is this, you just have to stay true to yourself and your instincts. If your mind is telling you on first instance, that ‘This guy is just not treating me well”, then he is not! Don’t try to rationalise his actions! Generally flow with the flow.

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