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It’s really sad that at this time and age, people still get married to young girls, have children with them and then ‘abandon’ them.

According to PUNCH, the police arraigned a 35 year old Simeon Ekwuruke, before a Lagos State Chief Magistrate’s Court for allegedly neglecting his 17-year-old ‘wife’.

It was learnt that Ekwuruke and his wife (name withheld) were not legally married though she was living with him and they had been dating since she was in Junior Secondary School 2.

The teenager was said to have become pregnant when she was 13 years old, before she started living with Ekwuruke.

Within the space of four years, the couple were said to have had three children while living in their apartment on Ladafe Dada Street, Ikate, Surulere, Lagos.

The lady became pregnant with her fourth child, when Ekwuruke allegedly assaulted her, claiming he was not the father of the children.

The police said the victim alleged that Ekwuruke had also not fed her for the past two months.

He was consequently arrested and arraigned at the Chief Magistrate’s Court sitting at Ebute Meta, on one count of failure to provide for his household.

The charge read, “That you, Simeon Ekwuruke, between the month of September and October, 2014 at Ladafe Dada Street, Ikate Surulere, Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, being charged with the duty of providing for (daughter), aged one and half years, and (wife), aged 17 years, the necessities of life, did unlawfully fail to do so, whereby their lives and health are likely to be endangered and thereby committed an offence.”

The police prosecutor, Corporal Cyriacus Osuji, said the offence was punishable under Section 245 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011.

The section prescribes two years imprisonment for the offence.

*To think that there are many ‘marriages’ like this. When you properly investigate these so-called marriages, you will find out that, the couple are not legally married. By the way, DO YOU KNOW THAT ‘NEGELECT’ IS A FORM OF ABUSE?

So, I urge you, if such is your case, please seek help. If your spouse is not properly married to and is claiming that you both are married, just know that, you are just a ‘Glorified House-girl’…and I am not joking!*

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2 thoughts on “NEGLECTED 17 YEAR OLD WIFE

  1. umm, does this better the girl’s case?
    now d hubby is in prison, who cares for her? the satte? ha! I laugh!
    poor girl.
    we need a law against CHILD MARRIAGE!
    the girl is still a child for crying out loud. in other countries, this is statutory rape!


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