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For some of you who are new to this word ‘Sugar Baby’, it simply refers to  a young male or female who is financially catered to by older women or men, who are referred to as ‘Sugar Mummies’ or ‘Sugar Daddies’ respectively.

In this part of our world (Nigeria), the married women refer to them as ‘Home-wreckers’ and are constantly on their knees firing prayers on the female ‘Sugar babies’, praying that their husbands never encounter such, and if some husbands are already caught in their web, their wives pray for the destruction of that unproductive relationship.

We, married ones know the negative effect it has on the home and some of the reasons this sort of relationship is not well tolerated is basically because of the deprivation:

  • Spiritually – some of these girls are ‘Mammy-water’ (water spirit) and they cause spiritual problems in the home.
  • Financially – some irresponsible husbands divulge all the funds to these ‘unyielding’ girls
  • Emotionally- it separates the man emotionally from his wife and his children. As far as the man is concerned, there is no time for family time!
  • Physically – the husband can be a source of sexually transmitted infection…may God not allow we faithful women die a shameful death. Amen. Can these men swear how many other guys these girls have been with.

Do watch one of the videos done by Dr Phil on students who are confirmed ‘Sugar babies’!


  1. you can say that again… in effect never gone out or intend to go out with a married man knowingly.. having being affected by what home wreckers did to our home. your list is so on point.
    Hoping to get married this has also affected my dating.. when i c the signs flagging I just can’t bear to tolerate after three chances….


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