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Dear NHW,

I must say that I was forced to send this article to you following your post on ‘Sugar Babies’. It’s easy for people to throw stones from glass houses. I am sharing my own experience with you.

I have been a ‘Sugar Baby’ (SB) since undergraduate years and I still am. It’s easy for people to judge you until they themselves get into your shoes. I never planned to be a SB. I was just a regular ‘runs’ babe who needed guys to pay my bills. It was easy for me to join the band-wagon of girls into it because asides from being the ‘in thing’ at that time, the older guys were definitely more mature, more settled and knew just how to make a girl happy.

I would say I am one of the lucky ones. The Sugar Daddy (SD) I met was 37 years older and married with 4 grown kids, and so handling me was like second nature to him. I met him on one of my outings to private parties and we liked each other. He reminded me alot of my father. He would only come pick me up on Saturday mornings and bring me back very early on Monday mornings, and of course with loads of cash. At first, I was so sure the relationship wouldn’t last like the others since it was basically a contract thing. But surprisingly, it entered 2 years, even though I was still seeing other guys by the side.

I met my husband 3 years after and I liked him a lot. He was totally opposite of me, which really caught my interest. He was gentle, intelligent, hardworking and really sweet. I saw him as the ‘solution’ I needed to end all my ‘activities’ and settle down. Unfortunately, he couldn’t meet with my needs and so I still stuck to my SD. All these while, my SD never knew or met my husband to be .

The long and short of this story is that I made a decision that would change my life forever…

It was my wedding night and I already got a call from my SD earlier that day to meet with him at a 5 star hotel on the Island. He never knew I was getting married or got married that day. I know I really should have come out straight and ended this relationship, but I just couldn’t, he had the money to support me and my husband until we find our feet. Besides, we had bills to pay; the caterer, the photographer, even the ‘Aso-ebi’ company.

My husband trusted me when I told him that I need to make a quick dash to the office, being an Operations manager in a big firm. I even thought it was something that wouldn’t take time, and at the same time hoping to break the news to my SD.

My SD soon noticed how uneasy I was after 2 hours with him. So I eventually had to tell him that it was my wedding night. He was devastated and he said only one thing to me,”If I knew you wanted to get married, I would have married you”.

I was shocked he could say that, considering the conditions in which we met and he being married and all. The next thing he said completely threw me off balance, ” How much? How much did the wedding cost you both?”

I looked on dumbfounded. “Yes, I mean it. How much?” He insisted. I told him. He then reached out to his brief-case and wrote a cheque of double the amount I had earlier mentioned. He wrote the cheque in my husband’s name.

The next thing, ” Leave your husband. Leave him today and I’ll provide for you a brand new house, chauffeur driven Jeep. Or have I not been caring for you all these years?”

NHW, I am sorry, but just like any other girl, I did not give it a thought. That is how I abandoned my husband O!

I would not say I regret it because I have my fears. It’s been 4 months since I left my husband and I am still not married to my SD. My fears are that I hope it wasn’t a ploy to keep me as a mistress. Because I won’t lie I crave the feeling of being someone’s ‘Mrs’. I just thought I would be his ‘Mrs’ almost immediately. Regardless, I am basking in luxury here. No one in my father or mother’s lineage has ever owned a house, talk less of a new one.

I really don’t care about anyone’s opinion!

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    • Ah ah. She’s pretty much got her mind made up and even said “I don’t care about any one’s opinion” so a bit pointless really.


      • Wow am just surprised I Dont know what to say lol…its risky hmmmnnn…. And she is selfish tho because she hurt the guy’s feelings….money is nothing compared to a home lol *coming out from the mouth of a 19 year old* someday chief will do what she’s done to the guy ….I thank God for the guy it will save him from heartache in the future at least he won’t have an adulterer as a wife


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