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Oh, My My My!

I will suspend my mouth until after you have read the mail…

Dear NHW,

I am bringing my tears of woe to you O! I am married to the most selfish man on earth. He doesn’t care about us.

We have been married for 10 years and we have 5 children. He is an engineer and I am a secondary school teacher. His salary is enough to take care of us, but I also augment with mine.

My husband doesn’t really give me monthly allowance for house-keeping, instead, he prefers to buy the things we need for the house. There is something he has never and will never buy, and that is fruits. But, when you enter his room, you will see him licking fruits or you will see signs of fruit in his bin. I’ve asked him severally why he does things like that and that, what is wrong with him buying for his children, not even me. He will reply by asking me if he doesn’t take care of the house. He does the same for eggs, butter, sometimes bread and then maybe small thing like doughnut or chin-chin. Meanwhile, I have never bought anything without sharing it for the family.

I am not happy about this. It shows that there is no togetherness. If he knows he cannot share with his kids, why did he make me have 5 children.


*Madam, I am really sorry for the cross you have to bear. It’s a real cross you just have to bear, no one can help you carry it, except you…sorry! But if you can always get hold of his car keys, maybe you should be checking to see when he hides things and make him bring it out to share…as in immediately! The only question I have for men like this is…


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  1. na wa o…. haba! which kind “aka-gum” man be that? Hia!
    anyway, remember sha, say e take two to make pikin o. Na d 2 of you born am, no be say he make u born am. abi he force you?


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