Oregon Mother Accused of Throwing Autistic Son Off Bridge

Photo credit: PEOPLE

What sort of mother would do this?!

A 34 year old woman, Jillian Meredith McCabe, had appealed for money online to help care for her son with autism and disabled husband with multiple sclerosis and a mass on his brain stem.

PEOPLE reported that Meredith had thrown her 6-year-old boy to his death off an historic bridge on the Oregon coast and then called the police.

What I am asking is this, “What will make her mother kill her child just because he or she has health challenges?” That child did not ask to be that way! I don’t want to believe it’s because of the monetary benefits and that’s why mothers keep or care for these children.

Please if there are mothers with physically or mentally challenged kids in the house, please share your experiences of having to take care of kids with these problems.

I know there are moments when you just feel like giving up or get exasperated with caring for them, but that happens with regular kids!!

Image credit: Crayon Freckles

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