Lucky, Dupe and their baby

Photo credit: THE PUNCH

A police corporal, Lucky Ikharia, 34, who hails from Sabon Gida Ora, Edo State, had a quarrel with his wife, Dupe,  a 30-year-old indigene of Abeokuta, Ogun State, over N2,000, after which he reportedly sent her packing.

According to PUNCH Metro, the policeman, who is attached to the Makinde Police Division, Oshodi, Lagos had also ‘seized’ their only child from Dupe as a means of ‘punishing’ her. At about 8pm on the day of the attack, while Dupe was heading for her mother’s house in Mushin, unknown to her, Lucky was waiting in a bus to attack her. It was learnt that on getting to Olorunshogo junction, Lucky pursued his wife with the bus, crushing her legs in the process.Having left her for dead, Lucky went home where he allegedly stabbed his baby, David, to death, ripping out the toddler’s intestines. Still in a rage, the policeman turned the knife on himself in an attempt to take his own life.

In Dupe’s words…

“We got married and started living together around October 2013. We usually had quarrels and that was not the first time he would beat me up, and send me out of the house. But this incident started on Sunday, October 26. Lucky had initially kept N15,000 with me.

“Then, on Sunday, he collected N5, 000 to repair the bus. Later I gave him the rest, only to realise it was N8, 000. So, he began to question where I kept the remaining N2000. But I knew that it was his nature to stir up trouble because he had a habit of keeping money with me and going again to take it.

“So, we began to fight, and he asked me to leave the house. He did not allow me to take the child with me that day. I was sleeping in friends’ places until Thursday when I decided to go back home. I did not find my baby, and when I asked him, he threatened that if he met me in the house by evening, he would kill me, kill the baby and himself.”

*Is it me or can’t anybody see that the guy doesn’t look okay?!*



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