Image credit: Lyndon Patrick

You can see that Men’s confusion about the kind of woman they want, did not just start today

Who remembers ‘Archie’ in ‘Archie Comics’? As far as I was concerned, as a young girl, I always saw Archie as an ‘Enjoyment Man’! He had 2 chics who always sought his attention, and he never failed in the ‘Cassanover’ Department!

Do you guys notice the difference in the girls’ taste?…Kinda reminds me of the Wife – Mistress situation! The dry-looking one(Betty), the wife, and the divalicious-looking one(Veronica), the mistress! #JustSaying


Image credit: The ISB

And just like some husbands, Archie gets upset if Veronica has her eyes on some other men!…Yet, he won’t make up his mind on who wants! #GreedyMen

Image credit: The ISB

And just like some wives do, Betty (The dry down to earth girl-you-can-take-home-to-mama) can’t help but envy Veronica (the mistress). You can’t help but take in all the details of perfection #HomeWreckersgo DieO

Image credit: News

In the end, it’s still the Wife and the Mistress in a Love Triangle. The husband keeps both. #MyEyesSeriouslyRollingInTheirSockets

It’s amazing how kids enjoy this comics without knowing that they are indirectly being prepared for the harsh reality of life in relationship/marriage!!

God dey!


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