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‘School runs’…I don’t know who invented those words but I sure know they are words I really hated up until recently…and I mean recently!

I love school runs so much that even when my son begged to join the school bus, I blatantly refused.

You see, I realised overtime that there was more to school runs than meets the heart and mind. For me, it meant and still means ‘Bonding Time’ with my kids. and now that they are fast growing, with 2 being adolescents, there is a more growing need for this ‘Bonding Time’.

You may ask why I am stating the obvious. It’s because I need to encourage parents who find it a burden dropping their kids off at school because they have to rush off to work or do one thing or the other. 

I used to be that way, and so I understand. I used to pick fights with my husband on who is to pick or drop the kids…can you imagine? Our own children! But you really couldn’t blame us, the economy and bills to be paid had driven us to the point where we felt nothing else mattered or was as important. But as time passed, when my husband ‘craftily’ abandoned that’job’ for me, I was forced to think of nothing else other than that moment I took my kids to school.

In those moments, all sorts of things about my kids started evolving: their personal problems, their challenges, successes, joys, gossip of all sorts…and you know what?…I seized every moment to teach them all those values and more handed to me by my parents especially my mother. I thought them and still teach them how to overcome challenges, how to address conflicts, how to push themselves to be the best, how to apply ‘God’ in everything they do, how to develop their self-esteem, how to tolerate each other and most importantly, how to be there for each other. These ‘Growing Up’ moments you can never take back if you miss them!

The ‘Outcome’?…I know my sheep and my sheep know me. 

I am proud to say that I am not missing out  in their ‘Growing Up’. For these reasons, we (I and my husband) decided that none of our kids will go to boarding school (we will address this much later), unless when absolutely necessary. Please, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with ‘Boarding school’, it’s a matter of personal choice. *Abeg, make una free me*

This morning session with my son, I must say, was quite fulfilling. We started the day at each other’s throat and so as usual, while I was taking him to school, we ( I say we because it was a brain-storming session for both of us) thrashed a lot issues and at the end of it all, we were laughing and sharing jokes, as well as “I love you”s.

So, my fellow parent(s)…let us start to embrace our role, no matter how tasking it may seem. Because, really, what’s the point having all the money and your kids don’t turn out right! Their future lies in God’s hand as well as yours.


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