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Happy NovEMBER to you ma people! The devil will never see us in Jesus name! We shall continue to sail through this year in good health and prosperity. Amen.

As a new month is being ushered so is NHW introducing many many things to the blog, but these things are only for faithfulists and loyalists! There will be something for singles, married and children…in short the family!  One of the new things I will be introducing is “NHW Lucky Number Giveaway”. Yay! I’m so excited about this and so much more…

For the NHW Lucky Number Giveaway, it is the Number I put out for that day that wins a surprise gift from any of NHW sponsors or partners. So if the lucky number is say 50, you have to be the 50th person to comment on the blog to win and don’t forget to drop your email in the comment or else nothing for you.

Image credit: Mak2chi


Any way, this is something for the fastest hand…an AIRTEL Recharge card…1040 2045 2036  1412 …Whoever gets to it first should send a mail to info@naijahousewife.com, indicating that he or she has got it.

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