Photo credit: May and Baker Plc

As I have always told mothers that attend my clinic, if you must give your child noodles, ‘Mimee’ noodles should be the first and only one your list.

Contrary to the gist going around that “Noodles causes Cancer”, I dunno for you people but this does not apply to ‘Mimee’ noodles. It is true that certain noodles sold in Nigeria are made from cancer-causing ingredients *I will not mention brands* but I can categorically tell you that ‘Mimee’ noodles is the best food a mother can give her child, especially when the child refuses to eat other meals.

Photo credit: May and Baker Plc

Mothers, especially Nigerian mothers know that kids are funny ‘creatures’, even if you cook the most exotic meal for your child, and with all the money spent and sweat put in it, they will not eat it! But give them noodles or cereal, they can never say NO! That is why it is important to note that if you must give noodles, let it be ‘Mimee’.

Below are the 10 key benefits of feeding your child with ‘Mimee’ noodles:

  1. Mimee noodles is completely 100% wheat-based unlike other brands.
  2. It is easily digested (even without been told, you can see how fast it cooks, in less than 2 minutes).
  3. It contains all the necessary nutrients that will help your child’s growth and development. It helps to increase a child’s appetite.
  4. Mimee noodles contains bran which helps in good bowel movement.
  5. It contains the following: Vitamin E( which prevents tissues of the body from damaging), major B vitamins ( for normal functioning of the brain, nervous system and good blood formation), antioxidants (that prevent cancer), Healthy fats (that fight cholesterol), and fibre.
  6. Studies have shown that when ‘Mimee’ noodles is eaten 3 times a day at least, it reduces the risk of heart problems, Type II Diabetes, cancers and bowel problems.
  7. Forget that all noodles in the market have spice, Mimee noodles spice is totally different, it’s not salty and it is mixed with vegetables. (Take time to notice). Even if you don’t use Mimee spice, you can use your own home-made sauce or stew.
  8. Mimee noodles can be cooked in different ways (will show you for the sake of young mothers).
  9. Mimee noodles does not contain any form of preservative.
  10. It is good for the whole family and not just children. Even mother who are on a diet sef can eat it.

Whether you believe it or not, Mimee noodles is highly recommended by doctors.

Photo credit: May and Baker Plc


  1. I love this gospel truth and I concur that Momsie noodles is d best. I will spread d news among my teenagers in particular at d next gathering of teens of Teens Alive Network.


  2. Well done Doc. You have told the truth and nothing but the truth. Let all that crave for truth grab it and actualise it. Keep it up!


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