Ayo Fayose

Photo credit: PUNCH

I am not a politician. I am just a concerned ‘Housewife’.

It is now common news, as stated in PUNCH, that Ekiti state Governor, Ayo Fayose, goes to the beer parlour everyday Friday to meet with ‘our husbands’ whom he describes as the ‘commoners’ so as to relate with them!

The whole idea behind his ‘Stomach Infrastructure’ is to make families happy by giving out chicken, buying rice, yams, plantain and all sorts…in the beer parlour, kwa???!!

Is that the plan he has for his state?…to drag the men who represent the common man to the beer parlour every Friday!

My question is this: Is the beer parlour the only place the ‘common man’ can be found? Is it the only place one can really hear about the problems of the ‘common man’? Is there no other means of empowering the ‘common man’?

What message are we exactly passing to the young men of our society, that this ‘Beer Parlour’ is the only place serious matters can be discussed?…and on Fridays only, for that matter!

Well, without wanting to sound like a ‘broken record’, if you ‘wives’ say you are okay with Governor Fayose’s Initiative for ‘our husbands’…it’s okay!

Afterall, according to him, “Stomach Infrastructure is a way of life!”   *SMH*

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