Me the Octopus woman! Photo credit: Castlehill

I really feel like an Octopus.

Being a woman isn’t easy, how much more being a wife and or a mother. I just got home now and I feel totally exhausted and according to a friend, “It’s a Thankless job!” If things go wrong, you get blamed and if things really go well, you are still not recognised!

I used to think I had an idea of what my typical day was, but I just realised that my day keeps changing! I can never tell what might need my attention the next minute.

Morning Session

  • wakey wakey time for me is 4:00am
  • Get the kids’ stuff ready for school
  • Breakfast is organised
  • Get the children up (this is a major hurdle)
  • Rushing them to take a bath and have breakfast immediately
  • Blog in between (in between cooking, shouting, etc)
  • Settle ‘Oga’…serve him breakfast in bed while he watches CNN!! #KintaKunteTimes #RootDays
  • Get myself ready for work (Yeah! I have a paid job! Duh?!)
  • Drop the kids off at school
  • Get myself to work
  • Meet my ‘annoying’ early-bird clients waiting in front of my consulting room! (I wish they could at least let me catch my breath!)
  • See more clients and do some administrative work (while I’m staring at the clock for my ‘take-off time. Can’t wait!)

Afternoon Session

  • 2:00pm finally here. I check that the coast is clear…and I ‘zoom’ out of my office. Scary if a client catches you…more delays! *Pheww!*
  • Get home to take my annoying ‘work’ clothes (they have a way of causing tension in my life!) and change into my regular jeans and shirt (I just love this combo…wish I could wear them to work)
  • Time to pick the Rug-rats…another hurdle! When you find one child, you lose the other, they just never stay in one place. Finally they are together.
  • Off to pick the older one in secondary school…another journey
  • I pick him and so I set off to the market to get fresh stuff…Did I ever mention how much I hate going to the market?!
  • You get home, and insist that every one does their homework!
  • Meanwhile, NO TEEVEE!
  • I shout again for them to take a bath! ( very necessary)
  • Thank God for the housekeeper who has lunch ready…that would have been another stressful ‘journey’

Evening/Night Session

  • That soup must be cooked…by you and no one else. (Sometimes, I think they love it when the wife’s sweat is mixed with the cooking!)
  • Dinner must be served…hungry kids waiting. And husband…much later (very considerate right?!)
  • Blog plus snooze in between!

Tired is an understatement! Now can someone please point out a free time when I can call an ‘aggrieved’ friend, who has accused me of all sorts?! You can’t particularly expect me to slot a time when I can generally day-dream about you! If you miss me that much…reach out to me! Use any media…phonecall, instant text messaging, facebook, twitter, etc.

The real me! Photo credit: Polyvore


  1. Hey! Great post, all true, spiced with humor. We women tend to be super busy. Great part of this is our doing: we expect a lot from ourselves. Once I realized this, I let it go. That was relieving.
    And, yes, my house is messy at times, but I am relaxed and happy. I think that is what realky matters, after all.

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