Omonigho with his father on Thursday

Photo credits: Samson Folarin

Contrary to reports given by Omonigho’s father, Mr Odia, the 4 year old who was attacked by dogs, is doing well and is stable.

Though, Mr Odia thinks that the management of LASUTH, only responded because he took the news of his son to the media. As stated in PUNCH, the Chief Medical Director of LASUTH, Professor Wale Oke, claims that Omonigho was only going through a healing process, which the relatives of the boy misconstrued as ‘deteriorating’.

Being a medical practitioner, the doctors managing patients such as Omonigho, will continue to have problems with relatives of patients because of ‘lack of communication’. Doctors should learn to carry the patients and their relatives along, because they are the ’embittered’ ones. When a loved one is ill, it most of the time, totally blocks the relatives’ sense of reasoning, therefore, it’s the duty of the doctor to alleviate their anxiety, just by ‘explaining situations’ to them.

Any way, thank God, the boy is getting better…that is the’koko’ of the matter!

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