The Cutie Pie, Koi Knowles. Photo credit: The YBF

Wow! Talk about Matthew Knowles spreading his ‘wild oats’ all over America. This guy is on fire!

Apparently, as mentioned in DAILY MAIL, Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s dad, fathered this child with one time Glamour Model, Taqoya Branscomb, while he was still married to Bey’s mom. #TalkAboutBeingFaithful .

Despite all the denial, a DNA test carried out showed that it was 99.99% positive that Matthew was the dad.

Let’s not forget her 4 year old brother, he fathered with one Nixon Alexander Knowles

Legal battle: Matthew had previously been sued by Houston based former lingerie model Taqoya after claiming she fell pregnant following a fling with the 63-year-old in 2010

The ‘Big Boss’ himself.

More photos after the cut…

Photo credit: The YBF

Photo credit: The YBF

*Don’t see the resemblance though*…

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