Photo credit: Sun News

Hewww! This Baba God is funny sha, when you are asking for 1 child, He will just dash you 2 extra! Lol!

According to the gist told by Sun News, Mr and Mrs Ifeanyi Benjamin Amadu, from Ukpo in Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra state, had 5 children already and have just been delivered of triplets (1,2,3 children!) at Ajeromi General Hospital, Ajegunle, Lagos.

Now the story (for the gods!) is that they cannot offset the bill of N150,000 given to them. The woman and her triplets have spent close to 3 weeks because of financial constraints!

If you know this story has touched your soul, please send money to Mr Ifeanyi Benjamin Amadu, UBA Account number 2032569487. You can also reach the family on 07033284662 or 09035639764.

*SMH, for this people sef! 5 children?! Now 8!! If Mr Ifeanyi was busy really, that his wife shouldn’t be pregnant. He is meant to be hustling for those 5!” Anyway, let me not judge.

Let me get your candid opinion: Please every one is entitled to their opinion.

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