Photo credit: Brekel

It’s no other than ‘SWEETIE’, the virtual child…or at least that is what she is called. She is an avatar that was created by an organisation campaigning against child sex slavery, Terre des Hommes.

She has in the past few months, helped in nabbing thousands of ‘sick’ men on the internet that are busy luring little girls for paid sex.

A conversation with a man and ‘Sweetie’ . Photo credit: Inquisitr

These are men, that on a good day, when you see on the streets, you think they are normal, not knowing they are busy doing all sorts with children on the internet. Well, this Sweetie has helped in deceiving a lot of them and getting them convicted.

Another conversation by another man with ‘Sweetie’. Photo credit: Cnet

The rate of child sexual abuse is on the increase and yet some parents still allow their underaged child or children have access to social media sites, especially Facebook and Instagram. With time these kids gain access to Open Chat Rooms, where a lot of these idiots hang out. Remember the internet is just a click away!

We are certain these guys are mentally ill, but parents need to take the blame too! THERE IS NOTHING COOL ABOUT AN 8 YEAR OLD POSTING PERSONAL PICTURES ONLINE…ABSOLUTELY NOT COOL AT ALL.

If your kids must own a phone, make sure it is not internet enabled. We know that, when they are much older, they will probably visit those sites, but that is when they are much older! For now, they can’t handle the pressure or demands of adults, more so, a paedophile.

Well, we pray never to experience these predators in our children’s lives. Amen.

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