Photo credit: Biochemist01

I’m sorry I really should have posted this like days ago, but like I explained, I’ve been busy working on my new blog site (still am).

AGE: 2 years old


REFERRAL: Child brought in by parents.

CASE: Child presented with a case of generalised body pain (?bone pain), swelling of the feet and hands of about 1 day duration.

Very interesting case indeed! Anyways, I did the needful:I admitted the child, took blood samples for necessary investigations and set up an intravenous access.

Amongst the investigations I requested for, Genotype was one of it. The father was surprised I should be requesting for that despite the fact he had told me he the Genotype AA while his wife had the Genotype AS. I told him I didn’t disprove him but that his child had features suggestive of a Vaso-occlusive crisis, which is typically seen in people with Sickle cell disorders.

That news was not well received!

Anyway to cut story short, results came out, and so you can guess what it said…Genotype SS.

So the question on everyone’s lips was..”Madam, who is the father of this child?” The woman just kept wailing…

That’s not the issue, answer the ‘exam’ question on ground, I kept saying in my mind.


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