A woman by the name, Aminat Akanni has been arrested by the Lagos police, for allegedly abducting 2 of her stepchildren and then murdering one of them. She claimed she did it because her husband refused to take care of her and her son. She killed the younger of the 2 children, 4 year old Nofisat, by pushing her into the soakaway.

Read here.

Meanwhile, this Aminat of a woman is the 2nd wife of Mr Moshood Mubo, the father of the missing children, who doesn’t even live in the same area as the man and his first wife.

This what one sees when a man decides to stray from his home to bring in another woman. As if marrying one is not enough, these men just have to marry a second, that may bring doom to the family. Some women are just too wicked. 

Some of these kind of women, even if you put them in another continent, they will still be doing ‘jazz’ wherever they are. 

Na wah o! May God help us all. 

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