Today is an awesome day.

Two special people in my life are a year older today, (Mrs)Chinwe Kamma-Enyinna and (Mrs)Larah Ajayi-Fatigun. They were both born on the 19th of October.

Chinwe is the baby of the house (6th of 6 children) and she’s a product of an ‘accidental discharge’! Lol! But now she’s all grown, married with 2 kids. Anyway, you will always remain my ‘baby’ especially when mummy denied me a lot of play times with other kids, just so that I could take care of you! There’s a 10 year difference in our ages but you can never tell because we love each other too much. I’m scared when she comes over to my place, because clothes, shoes, jewelries start to miss! What most older sisters dread!

#Throwback pics #LawSchoolDays
Isn’t that my 2nd favourite niece?!


Larah, on the other hand, is my number one sister in-law. She is my acquired older sis who dots over her brothers especially mine (but the guy sef has opened eye!). She is the only girl of her family, so you can imagine what I went through to get her approval in dating her brother! Early in my relationship with her brother, Lol! she would watch me like a hawk, my every move, just to make sure I truly loved her brother and that I wasn’t fooling around with his heart! But I’m sure I proved that I was worthy of her brother’s love. *Tongue sticking out*. Presently, she’s not in the country and I can’t wait to have her back.

These women are awesome people, Super women in fact. They both have some things in common which till date, as much as I hate to say this…annoys me! They are both ‘Clean Freaks’ as in, when you get to their houses, it’s so clean, you are too scared to even touch anything or sit. They also like to cook (Yuk!)…they are forever cooking and serving you with food! They are fantastic ‘Gisting’ companions…no dulling moment.

I just have to say this,”This Chic loves dressing up!”
Did I forget to mention her Butt of life? (Kim should just go and seat down!)
I just want to say I love you both so much. One older sis and a baby sis…super duper awesome! *Singing in Stevie Wonder’s voice* Wishing you both many more years in good health, both of mind and body. May God, in His infinite goodness, continue to bless the works of your hands IJN. Amen.


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