Dear NHW,
My heart is heavy, not just for me but for my mother who received my crazy friend into her home with open arms!

My father is a renowned unrepentant womaniser and for this reason, I don’t usually invite my friends over. But this my friend whom I met in my Jambite years seemed different. I thought we upheld the same values. She is studious and believes in saving herself for marriage.

A month after I had introduced her to my family, I noticed that my father was always asking after her which I thought odd…It’s not like they had any business together! My father who is hardly ever around on weekends, started being available because he knows I and my friend spend the weekend at home. He would even offer to drop us at school. Very weird indeed. I can’t remember the last time my father offered to drop my in school. He would even give us money individually, but my friend would have the lion’s share.

I observed that my father calls my friend at odd times. At first, I thought nothing of it but as the calls increased, I had to confront my friend and asked her what was really going on between them. Of course, she denied any form of relationship. But I noticed she put a password on her phone so that I don’t gain access to her messages and call logs.

The funny thing about all these, is that my mother totally loves and trusts her. She is allowed to come to my house at her own free will.

One fateful day, while I was in school, I thought it odd that I hadn’t seen my friend all day. So I called her phone but it was switched off. I checked all the possible places I could find her but to no avail. NHW, I just don’t know why my mind went straight to my house. At that minute I thought of my house, I could hear my heart beat so loudly. The worst thoughts came to my mind, so I decided to visit home.

The cab dropped me at home and I saw my father’s car and instantly I started praying against my worst fears. I felt like my legs were too heavy for me but I made it finally to the door. It wasn’t locked. My friend’s bag was on the couch but not her. I rushed up to my room and saw my father and friend in the most ungodly manner. I charged at her and a fight erupted.

Now the fool is sending me a text that goes thus, “Chika, in your mind you have won abi? You are vexing because I am dating your father. Then what will you say when I become your step mom?”

Please I need the advise of people. What can I do to prevent this useless girl from interfering in my parents’ happiness?

* Chika, I must say this but your friend is evil! I think you should pray first and then talk to your father and then see if your mother knows what’s going on*


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