I really don’t know why girls do this! Y’all need to change your ‘parole’ a.k.a ‘Modus operandi’.

I have in the past few years, lent my shoulders for babes to cry on, even finished packs and packs of ‘Kleenex’ when they cry you a river! Simply because their long term live-in boyfriend just dumped them for another chic.
Let’s get this straightened out now – IT IS SOOO WRONG TO BE THAT WAY WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND! When it’s time for him to be serious, he won’t be motivated to do so because he has seen everything finish. You have allowed him the opportunity to see what he can and cannot live with, which he would have tolerated if he had “put a ring on it”. 
Smearing your presence all over his house don’t mean nothing! If you like scatter your undies all over inappropriate places, it still don’t mean nothing. When you are out doing groceries or whatever, his supposedly side chic is gonna come in and think really you are that ‘cousin’ he is always talking about, then move your stuff to a corner and play with ‘her’ man! *Hehehe* Yeah! Her man because that ‘side’ chic will end up being the ‘main’ chic.
You are only entitled to spend a maximum of 3days with your beau (that is if you must). Give him a bit of what he should expect if he were to put a ring on it. Make him hunger for those qualities he thinks you have…make him beg to marry you…infact, make him cry to have you. And I am not talking about doing some ‘slavery’ stuff like doing laundry and all that (we will address this later!), I’m talking about showing off your cooking skills when and only when he gives you money to shop for those ingredients! *eyes rolling*
I tell you this because it makes me remember my dear friend who lived with her boyfriend for 12 years, waiting to be taken to the altar. She even had 4 kids for him (2 boys and 2 girl), believing God that her boyfriend will marry her anyways. Well, unknowing to her, while she was still living with him, the guy had started courting someone else outside the ‘home’. Towards the end of their 12th year together, my friend heard from her close friends that her live-in boyfriend was tying the knots some where in Benin (she resides in Lagos). That’s how my friend carried her 2 left legs to Benin and Lo and Behold, her boyfriend not only was getting married, he had another house there!
So if you are single and living with your boyfriend, quietly move your things back to your father or parents’ house and be just a ‘visitor’ to his home. Let him do the right thing before he sees you finish!


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