STATUS: Only wife of husband. Has 3 kids with him. Both live in a 2-bedroom apartment with a live-in maid who is 21 years old.

CASE: Wife stays in one room with husband and kids in the other, while maid sleeps in the parlour. Lately, for over a month now, wife has been waking up in the middle of the night to meet an empty bed. When she gets up to search for husband, she meets him watching TV or so it seems, funnily in the same place maid is sleeping. When she enquires why so late, he says he finds it difficult sleeping and maybe 30minutes to 40 minutes later, he comes back in. She says she thought nothing of it until 2 separate events got her thinking again.

First event happened when one day, there wasn’t light and so she didn’t expect her husband to be watching any TV but still the bed was empty. As usual, she went to the parlour to check on him. In the darkness, she met him sprawled on the couch while the made was on the floor not to far from him. She smelt something ‘fishy’ had gone on or was going on! She woke him up any way and led him back to the room.

Second event which solidified her suspicions was when she purposely sent her maid on an errand that needed urgent attention. The maid left her phone and so decided to go through her call logs and messages. She saw nothing in the call log, but she saw a message that showed where her husband had  sent recharge call credits to her maid, not once, not twice or thrice…Bingo!!

QUESTION: Should wife confront her husband or the maid or both?

VERDICT: I personally think she should have that ‘Talk’ with her husband. She should leave the maid out of it for now, even though I can’t understand why hussy should be sending maid credit! She should hear from her husband’s mouth first sha!

Abi, what do you guys think?!


  1. No need to ask anyone, she should quietly send the maid away or change the sleeping position of the maid to the children's room. After the maid is gone, she can confront the husband. She should not forget to collect the maid's SIM card ooo. So there will be no chance of communication


  2. Hmmm…I think she shld ask the maid first cos the truth of the matter is hubby will not come clean……not immediately sha. She shld ask the maid first, who will probably be too frightened to lie (hoping she's not a good liar)…


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