Remember I told you guys that I would be sharing my daily experiences at the clinic with you. I just decided to choose this one case out of several since it involves the breast #BreastCancerAwareness

Today’s case was more annoying than pathetic!

AGE: 32 years old
GENDER: Female
MARITAL STATUS: Married with 2 kids
EDUCATIONAL LEVEL: Tertiary (meaning she reached University level) I purposely put this part just to let you guys know that there are “Educated Illiterates” in our midst.

CASE: She had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer 8 months ago and was offered Mastectomy (removal of the breast). For a bilateral mastectomy would have been totally up to her but she chose to abscond. When it was first diagnosed, it was still stage 1 but with what looks like an ulcer on the affected breast, it’s probably a Stage 3.

Diagram 1 of 3 showing stage 3C breast cancer
And the thing about an ulcerating breast cancer…it smells like hell! Anyone who knows someone with this type will know what I’m talking about.
So technically, this is what it looks like  (Not trying to scare you but only trying to make a point)
So this lady absconded when she heard ‘Surgery’ and thought she could try other non-invasive measures. Where did she go?!…a herbalist and she stayed there for 2 months as an ‘in-patient’ waiting for that cure. Unfortunately, the lump kept increasing in size and hardness. Then she migrated to the church (I am not saying the name of the church) hoping to get some anointing from the pastor. After 3 months, she gave up, by then the ulcer had developed and here we are…back to square one!
I simply asked her one question after she narrated her ‘Isrealites’ Journey’, “Why?” She replies saying that she didn’t want to risk losing her breasts, which she is eventually going to lose anyways! SMH!!
Anyway, I have referred her to the Surgeons…
On a final note women (and maybe men), please a ‘sick’ breast is a ‘sick’ breast, that needs medical attention. If it means cutting them off to save your life, please do. You have so much to live for, your kids especially. So why shoot yourself on the leg?!


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