A lot of wives usually hit a ‘brick wall’ or a ‘dead end’ when they ask their husbands for favours! It leaves these women wondering, “Whatever did I do wrong? Maybe he is spending his money outside!” And because of this, the wives go through a ‘third party’, maybe the spouse’s mother, father, siblings or child, to achieve that favour. 
My question is this…Don’t you think that there is a problem in the way you go about it? Because, if really your hussy was the one with issues, he wouldn’t even answer the ‘third party’.
Here are some tips that may help you achieve better results next time:
1. Study your spouse very well. Know everything about him. No one can do this better than you. Know his likes and dislikes. Remember I have mentioned in earlier posts that marriage is a Learning Institution where you learn various courses. Your husband is one of those ‘subject-courses’. If you study it well, you pass, if not, you fail or have a carry-over.
2. Learn to open your mouth and apologize. It doesn’t take anything from you. Even if you feel like you are the one to be apologized to, be the adult and break the ice. When the ice is broken, you can further enquire about why there was a quarrel in the first instance.
3. Know when to ask for favours. Are you the type that asks for stuff even when your husband is obviously tired from a hard day’s work, or the type that publicly asks when you know how conservative ‘oga’ is or when he is obviously upset about something…Please always read his gestures, body languages and facial expressions.
4. Everything is not by force! You can be persistent but subtle.  If you fight…you are on your own!
5. Watch the tone of your voice. How you say something might not necessarily reflect what you say. Men don’t like to be bossed around or domineered, so they tend to be extremely sensitive to how you say things. 
6. Be appreciative. If you fail to say thank you now, your chances of getting more things in future. You must show gratitude by kind (not cash)! “Thank Yous” can be said in so many ways depending on how you think your hussy prefers it.


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