What I need to clarify is if this guy has a life?! Really! I’m beginning to think that he may have a kind of ‘monitoring’ spirit. Besides, he sounds bitter all the time in almost all his articles. 

Anyway, this article is not about ‘Etcetera and his rants’ . He raised some issues that concern Celebrity marriages which I have tried to highlight:
– that female celebrities are horrible at the choices of men as husbands.
– how stupid female celebrities look when they run their spouses down publicly just because they are celebrities.
– how the females are quick to blame their spouses if the marriage crashes.
– that the crash of their marriages should be their own funeral and not the public’s, due to the females’ inability to critically analyze the relationship during courtship.

Read full story here

“This is because If you choose to get a divorce without knowing the real reason your husband cheated on you in the first place, you’d just be circling around the same problem instead of fixing it and preventing it from happening in the future. Put your emotions aside for a moment and ask yourself, why on earth would your husband fall into the arms of another woman when he has a caring, compassionate and loving woman at home? Ask yourself where you went wrong. Maybe the reason you had a cheating husband was because he had a set of needs that you were unable to fulfill because of your gallivanting lifestyle as a celebrity“.

Etcetera, please check this your statement again…I’m sure you are not naive. Does anybody need a real reason to cheat?…Nah, I don’t think so. The same way, a man will give a hundred and one reasons why he beats his wife at home.

“To the press and bloggers having a swell time with every celebrity divorce, I hope you know that it’s very easy to lay blames when you’re on the sidelines. You are acting like a spectator at a football match with a bird’s-eye view of all the action, while those playing on the field get consumed by the waves of emotions that accompany their divorce”.

At this point Etcetera, I bid you to stay focused on the topic and leave the bloggers and the press out of it. Our own is to help spread the gist because truly that is what makes the word and world go round!!

“And to you husbands who are being blamed, especially after you have cheated or been mistaken to have cheated, please understand that your women are lashing out because of their fears and insecurities”. 

…now who is taking sides?!

You try Etcetera, but before you write any article on ‘Marriage’, make sure you are married for at least 5years…


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