The child that was kidnapped.
 The child with her ‘evil’ grandmother
 Child with her mum
 What Temmy, child’s mother posted on Instagram 

Some mothers are just plain evil! Such is the case of Mrs Annette Ehiemere who allegedly turned into a ‘green snake under green grass’ to still the child her son fathered and refused to take responsibility for! You can see that ‘Irresponsibility’ runs in the family! *Hiss*

According to Bella Naija, this is what she reported…

The UK-based woman is alleging that her child’s paternal grandmother, Annette Ehiemere, kidnapped her daughter named Liya and took her to Nigeria.

She posted the photo above on Instagram, along with the caption:

“Yesterday, my daughter’s paternal grandmother kidnapped my daughter while I was in Uni and took her to Nigeria without my consent. There are speculations that she might still be in the UK but I have also gotten information that she is in Nigeria. If you hear or see anything or see my daughter, please call the police or inbox me.”

Here’s the background story on the situation, as reported by YNaija:

Temmy  who lives in London, had gotten pregnant in 2012, for a man she was in a relationship with. However, when he found out she was pregnant, he revealed that he didn’t want the baby. But she decided to have the baby and take care of her as a single parent. The man is based Port Harcourt.

Liya’s grandmother had gone to the UK to visit Temmy and her daughter, and had been staying with them for about 5 months. A few days ago, when Temmy came back home from attending classes at her university, she discovered that Liya and her grandmom had disappeared.

It was later discovered that the Annette took Liya and boarded a flight to Nigeria from London.

It is suspected that the grandmom may have taken the child to her father in Port Harcourt, as that is where she also resides.

“I feel like this a bad dream and I am going to wake up soon. I see these things in movies and never thought it could so easily happen to me because I was stupid enough to trust someone who I thought being my daughter’s grandma was automatically family. I can’t survive without my baby. She has never even travelled without me to another town in England here, talk less of another country

I am never one to put my business out there because I have always felt like I was strong enough to handle anything that life throws at me because I had Liya to keep me going, now my baby is gone and I am weaker than I have ever been in my life, that’s why I need you to help me raise awareness or get someone to help me. I don’t mind getting Liya back and then going through custody battles with them the right way but the way they took her was so wrong. I miss my baby so much and I need help,” said Temmy.


  1. I am not surprised there are no comments. I am sure she has the father's address and phone number, if not the evil grandmother's. She should get in touch with them, either personally or through a member of her family.


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