Good day guys!

If you are wondering what this post is about, it’s because you missed the previous post, so read here first and then come back to this present post. 
For those of you who answered, here is the analysis of the animal you chose. If you can read small prints, then you are probably going to enjoy the whole of the article I tried taking a picture of:
If not, I’ll just go straight to the point and analyse the animals for you.
1. A budgie cheeping, a wolf howling, a tiger pacing. All these animals suggest frustration. Frustration can be a motor of progress if you focus it rather than howling at the moon.
2. The mad dog or the sad dog. You may feel like both of these. Anger is often the flip side of misery: you lash out because you feel uncared for. But if you feel permanently angry or permanently sad, you need to start looking for reasons. These feelings have a habit of eating you up; they corrode not only the person, they invade also the people close by. Anger and unhappiness can be passed on from one generation to another like a gene – but it is in your power to stop the cycle.
3. The cat, the lioness, the bird and the cheetah. If you chose these, you probably have a positive image of who you are, or at least who you want to be: quiet and content, calm and strong, happy-go-lucky or totally directed. 
4. A beast of burden, a cow, a bee. All these images imply a lack of control. You feel that someone else is pulling your strings. Perhaps you were brought up believing that to be loved you must be good, and that being good means catering to the demands of others, not yourself. If you feel this way about yourself, perhaps you need to step back a little, look at your own needs and do something to change the situation
5. A hedgehog, a tortoise or a mouse. These animals suggest that you are defined by your defenses. The walls you have built certainly have their place: they protect you from experiences that are too powerful or frightening. This protective layer may have helped you to avoid further harm, but are you sure you still need it? 
6. An elephant, a lowly worm, a Labrador dog. If you chose these, then you are not taking yourself seriously and you probably do not expect anyone else too either. If you expect to get stepped on, you almost certainly will be.

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