Lol! Who remembers this phone?! Well, I do.
This was part of what my boyfriend (now my husband) used to woo me! *Tongue out*
Those days, it was a ‘must’ and a big deal to have a phone…any phone sef! My hussy did a BOGOF (Buy one get one free) to get one for me, and the guy did not tell me he got one free of charge until I stumbled on a promo flyer on Trium. I could see the embarrassment in his eyes, meanwhile, I had just finished singing his praise. It used to be referred to as ‘Cellular’, now it’s a ‘Mobile’…
The big gurls moved to larger phones…and I mean large in every sense of the word! Not to mention heavy!
 Infact, one chic in my class in Med. school owned this phone! It ‘s actually bigger than it looks. I won’t lie, I used to wonder whether she never felt pains in her wrist. So when I saw my Trium, I was happy.
   Another mate of mine in Med. School, was one of the first to own this in my class. She sabi herself and she felt on top of the world owning this phone. She made sure she received a lot of phone calls and in front of her classmates. I even suspect, that some of these calls never existed! #justsaying.*Hands up*
Anyway, back to my Trium. I loved my husband more after he gave me this phone. Sadly, when Nokia started bringing out new models of their phones, I started to hate my Trium. I hated the ringtone so much. After a while, I started missing most of my calls because I would abandon the ‘poor’ phone in my bag…I just couldn’t stand the damn phone! *Sorry boo, but I really did hate that phone*
     Then this…  Kai! Nokia swavved us a lot sha!


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  2. Lol..my first phone was a Sony Ericsson flip phone. I bought it during house job and when I went to Bayelsa during NYSC, there was no service there so it was redundant. I long for those days when we enjoyed the simple things like making a phone call or just sending text not now that every phone is a computer *sigh*


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