By now I’m sure you guys have heard about my ‘gurl’ Tiwa Savage’s marital issues. I have tried to whistle and pass but can a sister watch her sister be in trouble and look the other way?…Mbaanunu!

You are wondering what am driving at? Ehn, so chill to the end of the gist and then you will know.

Like I said before, it is no longer news that Tiwa and Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun’s marriage is on shaky grounds. Unconfirmed sources, claim that Tiwa, as I write, has moved out of her matrimonial home on the grounds of Domestic Violence and serial Infidelity…As in…

Sources also claim that this Domestic Violence of a thing has been going on even before they tied the knot. Close relatives and friends have tried to intervene in the matter but “Can a leopard change its skin?”

Tee Billz has currently been replaced by …… as Tiwa’s manager.

Read here for some of the gist.

My darling Tiwa, marriage is not by force. If this Tunji of a guy is beating you, you did the right thing by moving out of the danger zone. It’s only weak men that beat their wives. Ain’t no shame in exposing him. And if truly Tunji ‘touches’ you for whatever reason, it is obvious that your whole being intimidates him as a person. You are beautiful, talented, successful and without you, there is really no him, if you understand what I mean. Do not let him, Tunji diminish your person.

If you have ‘funny’ family and friends asking you to go back to your matrimonial home despite all that is happening, mark my words, they do not love you. You might never be lucky next time and by then it will be too late. A lot of women have not lived to tell their story.

A man that beats his wife has absolutely no regards for her, so do not be fooled if he comes back begging for forgiveness. Forgive him from afar and ensure he seeks help for his mental state.

Physical abuse is not the only form of Domestic Violence we have. Other types include: verbal and emotional abuse…We are not here for a lecture though.

I’ll try and keep you guys updated sha!

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