Wonders will never stop ceasing! Sometimes, when some weird things are happening to you, and you are searching for the root cause, no need to look far, start with those people that are supposedly close to you.
This mail I got is not really a new thing but before I continue, read first and then drop your opinion later…
Dear NHW,
I am writing so that you can publish my story. I want you and other blog readers to rejoice with me because I just reunited with my husband.
I don’t know where to start from but the root cause of my 3 year old marriage has always been my best friend whom I took as a sister. We have been best friends for about 10 years, so tell me how this person will not know practically everything about me. She knew when I met my husband and she was my chief bridesmaid at my wedding.
My friend has always been my confidante from day 1. She knows everything that goes on in my marriage. If my husband coughs she knows. How we make love and when, she knows. If my husband and I quarrel, she is in the know.
Lately, I noticed that our quarrel was becoming more frequent and intense. We even quarrel in front of my friend. Little did I know that I was slowly killing my marriage. Do you know that when I go to work, my so called friend comes around to hang out with my hussy. You can imagine all the things they discuss. This funny relationship took a toll on my marriage.
The last straw for me and my husband was when he blatantly refused to provide money for housekeeping, saying that I was wasteful or extravagant. These and many more issues. My friend was around that morning and so witnessed everything and saw my husband storm out of the house. I told her I was fed up with the marriage and that I was leaving. Do you know, she didn’t stop me or even try to advice me against my decision. Anyway, I packed my things and she saw me off to the bus stop. I forgot to mention that she is also my neighbour, so I left the house key with her.
I went to stay with an aunt not too far away from my house. The 3 days or so I stayed away, my husband didn’t call or look for me. Meanwhile, my friend had been calling regularly. So I was more convinced that he didn’t love me any more. So I decided to go and take some more clothes to continue staying at my aunt’s place.
I got to my house unannounced. What struck me was that my husband’s car was still in the compound and so, that only indicated that he was at home. As I drew closer to use the back door leading to the kitchen, I noticed that the kitchen door and windows were wide open. I even noticed smoke coming out. I hastened my steps…Lo and behold, who did I see in a nightie cooking and singing, my BEST FRIEND!! I shouted and she dropped what she was holding in shock. I launched at her. I did not spare any part of her body! My husband came out, and I also gave him the beating of his life! That was how the truth started pouring out. To cut story short, my friend had been knocking me and my husband’s head without us knowing. Neighbours came to settle the fight, no be small O!
*Na Wah O! Well, I’m still a learner! Please, you guys should keep the mails coming abeg…getting hot in here!*


  1. Three fold cord cannot be broken, make jesus ur best friend, let not ur knee be far from the to jesus not your so called best friend


  2. She even tried to giv u 3yrs why did u stay in ur aunts ouse dat leave close u for change state let de man learn a lesson hahhaahahhaah


  3. You got what you deserve the only confidante any married 💑 woman 👩 shd have is Jesus.if you must have a close friend don't divulge all your shit in marriage to her.


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