Did you just get married recently?…well, happy married life! I really do wish you all the best in your marriage…really I do.
The only thing that kinda bothers me, wifey, are the illusions  delusions you have of marriage! The way I see it, if you continue to have those funny ideas of how ‘perfect’ your marriage or husband should be, you are gonna end up a frustrated mad black woman or possibly end up writing a ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’!
If I start highlighting some examples of expectations you have, I will probably end up writing a book…naah, you wouldn’t want that. So I’ll just mention a few :
1. That you will wave your magic wand and change him. Change him to what exactly, if I may ask?! Are you a magician? *singing in Blackmagic’s voice* You knew his ‘bad’ habits before you said “I do” and you chose to go ahead with the marriage. If you are lucky he drops those habits, it’s because he chose to and not because of your nagging ways!
2. That your ‘perfect’ husband will never make mistakes. Sweetheart, please think again. No one is perfect except our Heavenly Father. Therefore, brace your selves, do not fall in love, hook, line and sinker…your expectations are building up! All I can plead with you is to be prepared to forgive!
3. That your marriage will never have rocky moments?! Please O!…you better wake up and smell the cappuccino! Believe me, there will be quarrels, arguments or fights that will threaten to tear the marriage apart…never lose hope or give up easily. Prayer is always the best way out.
4. That there won’t be moments when you feel like ‘the other woman’. Na so O, my darling sis. Your feelings for each other will definitely go through phases and be sure that it won’t be like the way you guys started off! But, that ain’t mean he doesn’t love you.
5. That he will be at your beck and call?! No, sweetheart, don’t get it twisted…you, will be at his beck and call. You, will tend and cater to his every needs and whims! You see, the joke will be on you eventually…Lol! He did his part when and while he was courting you…now it’s your turn.
6. That his friends will disappear or his ‘boys’ night out’ will come to an abrupt end because of what…marriage?! You gotta be kidding me here…it will, my dear, get ‘worse’. You know why?…you are too busy, breastfeeding, cooking, cleaning…at least that’s what I hear them give as excuses!
Are you scared? Please don’t be because we only got started! *Hehehe*


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