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Marriage definitely has its own ups and downs, and no one seems to be spared from it, even our singer, Lara George.

On a recent interview with DailyPost Nigeria, she gave an insight as to the turbulence her and husband passed through over her 10 years of marriage.

 In her words,
“There were many times like that. We have had our fair share. I remember a time we weren’t talking to each other. It got really serious that I had to call my pastor that I was fed up with my marriage. I can remember that my pastor was not around then, but he spoke to my husband that Jesus loves the church unconditionally and things were sorted out. I am glad my husband allowed someone he sees as a mentor to step into the situation” 

She stated clearly how understanding her husband had been a great challenge for her, which is very key in marriage. A lot of young couple today get into this ‘contract’ without really understanding the terms of the contract.

She also tried explaining how different the relationship was when her and her husband where still doing ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ as compared to being really married. *Therefore, young ladies, shine your eyes O! Once you have that ring on your finger, it comes with a ‘price’, LOL! Just quickly remove the wedding gown, run into the kitchen and change into your apron, because real work has started!* Don’t mind me O! Marriage is sweet, but it depends on how you make your bed sha…

I’m happy Lara agrees that a Happy Marriage is not what happens in a day, it takes time and has a process, only if both parties involved are ready and open to learning.

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