This is a serious matter! *Speaking in Onyeka Onwenu’s voice*
Read on…
Dear NHW,
I just discovered I married a fake woman in every sense of the word! I am writing this letter to you so that you can warn any man out there, that they shouldn’t venture and marry any girl until he examines her from head to toe!
I am so bitter and angry. My wife whom I thought is beautiful is actually not beautiful! When I met her at a friend’s office, I thought it was love at first sight. She always had a lovely hair do, lovely smile (anyway, she is a receptionist), nails well manicured and lovely hips and bum.
I went ahead and courted her for about 6 months and never for one day did I see her body or she mine because of my faith. All these while, she kept her true nature away from me and so I asked for her hand in marriage. Besides, age was not really on my side and my family members were putting too much pressure on me to get married.
Do you know that on the night of our wedding, as I tried to make love to her, I mistakenly pulled off her wig! The scar on her head was a complete eye sore. It covered almost all her head and hair refused to grow on that area. She tried explaining to me how she got the scar. But frankly, I lost most of my interest because she had about 6 months to tell me! There is nothing this girl doesn’t know about me. As if that wasn’t enough, when I resumed making love to her, another shock hit me. The hip and bum she wears are ‘acquired’ ones, padded ones. I was so filled with disgust, I abandoned her on the bed.
Her family members came to beg and I agreed to stay in the marriage. Now the problem is that when I say I am fed up, I am fed up! I could have managed her fake beauty, but her character is nothing to write home about. We are now 3 months into the marriage and this woman is nothing but a mad woman. I am always scared when coming back from work. My heart even beats fast when I notice she is in the kitchen I am about to enter. 
Please help me, I need to take a final decision now or never! Is the ‘worse’ part of the wedding vows we took? I don’t want to die before my time because I have heard other people’s stories. 
*Na wah O! My only advice to you is …DIVORCE HER! She deceived you from onset. Marriage based on deceit is no marriage joor!*

And for you similar women…

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