I really wished our husbands will be paying us house-keeping allowance in dollars or pounds! But of course, in my dreams!
I got a mail from a blog reader who had so much to say on a topic I think I have addressed on this blog, the issue of house-keeping money. I really need the attention of husbands here at this point because this issue is fast becoming a problem in most Nigerian homes.
Read on…
Dear NHW, 
I am seriously fed up with my husband’s nonchalant attitude towards increasing the house feeding allowance. He has just refused to update it since 6 years we got married. The same 40,000 naira he started with in my marriage, is still the same amount I am receiving today!
My husband runs a thriving pure-water business and has a large number of customers he delivers water to. So why won’t he increase my money as God has richly blessed him. Sometimes I wonder if he has a secret family he is taking care of.
When I bring up this matter, he says that if I am not happy with the amount, I can either leave it or return it back to him. Is that a normal thing to say when we have 3 children and 4 adults to feed monthly. In this same 40,000 naira, he wants to eat regularly, have the best of the best assorted meat and 3 square meals. In this same 40,000 naira, I am supposed to buy gas and take care of myself, since I am a housewife. 
I don’t know how much I can take. Sometimes, his attitude makes me think about my ex-boyfriend who would have done a better job of taking care of me. That guy pampered me silly but for our different tribes, both our parents kicked against the relationship.
I really need you to publish this so that other husbands can see what a fellow man is doing. I told my husband that I sent you a mail, hoping that men like him will comment and advice him better.
Please help me, please!
*My dear colleague, I feel your plight! But before I start sharing my sympathy, your matter is really a pathetic one. You can be rest assured you are not the only wife suffering from this problem. Some men are just unnecessarily difficult and stingy. If I say that you should give them the food that their money covers, they will now have a reason to pack their load and abandon the home into the arms of a ‘theiving’ woman who is trying to reap where she did not sow!
Husbands, please try and stay updated with the price of foodstuffs in the market. What will you gain putting your wife through this agony and after when this same woman manages to sort herself out, you will want to take the glory. Please, act more responsibly. Your wife and kids should reflect your success. If you can’t take care of your homefront, don’t expect too much from God then…I’m not cursing anybody, I’m just saying.

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